when we think about greatest universities the first name of place is come to mind is united kingdom.

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the maximum cities of united kingdom are encompassing excellent universities in them. as we define united kingdom is a globe to educational system. when it come to secondary studies maximum students all around world do choose university in uk for the best experience in their streams


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Most of all people think only about oxford university. Cambridge university and goes on because the have their high educational knowledge and a long time experience that made these universities famous and popular but if we explore there are many other universities that have best educational opportunities and their de made by their intelligent students and experience teachers own pride

if we come to the topic of scholarship we have to explore about more and more universities for better achievement because when we will find diffrent-diffrant universities we will choose what we want like those fields we are interested in, so when we talk about top 10-50 universities in ok we will know what is better for our education to achieve big achievernent.

Top 10 universities in uk

st. Andrews university 1 of the oldest universities of english speaking, university of st. Andrews is situated in Scotland it is known for its tremendous faculity, it is about third oldest university of english since 1413, is interconnected to the three colleges named st. Mary’s college united college st. Leonard’s college.

University of Cambridge

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Magnolia Blossom in Cambridge universit, England UK

The university of Cambridge is playing a very big role in contribution of educational system in the world. is founding 1231. those students knew the importance of Cambridge university who left the university of Oxford for it these two famous universities are inter connected by the subtitle of oxbridge it has ist museum in its compus when we think about best studies in abroad it is compulsory to think about Combridge the university of oxford is known for its huge campus and english speaking it is found in 1096 the university of oxford was gelden university of that time for those students who were studied in university of Paris because henry 2 banned the students who studied english in that university in 1167

the London school of economics

the London school of economics is the best collage in London, England for economics and political science it is working with a well experience year by year the London school of economics also offers undergraduate courses and online courses the London school of economics was found in 1896 and the interesting thing is that the father of Indian constitution Dr.B.Rambedkar who had successive 14 degrees was also attend this collage

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